Facebook mishap = GIVEAWAY!

I have been so surprised by my turnout of this little business!  I have gained some great exposure which helps keep me busy doing blogs!  Facebook has been a great place to gain that exposure.  However, earlier this week, as I was trying to give administrative rights to Cameon at Getting Social to install my new Facebook page, I accidentally deleted MY administrative rights before I gave her her's.  Which leaves the original Cutesie Blog Designs facebook fan page with no administrator and no way to change it!  Facebook's solution is to delete the old page and just start a new one.  But, this means that my over 500 fans that I was bragging about just last week with the current giveaway, are all gone!  So, I need to get them on my new site!

Which brings me to the part you want to know!  I'm giving away $50 cash via PayPal just for being my Facebook fan!  Stacie, from Simply Stacie, is hosting the giveaway over on her site!  Go enter!  It's an easy entry.  Plus, there are many opportunities to add extra entries that are just as easy! One of which is being my follower via GFC! 

If you have liked my page on Facebook previously, make sure you go to the new site!  :)

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