My Fabulous Find

Sherri from My Fabulous Find is one of my good friend's mom.  She recently lost her job and in an effort to generate some income, she decided to really take action to grow her business.  She makes custom and handmade gifts.  She makes unique gift items that are perfect for any occasion.

Sherri is not much of a computer person, but she wanted a place that she could showcase each of her products and generate some other business online as well.  I run my business off of a blogger site, so I knew we could come up with something that would fit her needs. 

Sherri asked for something boutiquey, and chic.  She liked the black and white idea.  She also wanted a little pop of pink there occasionally.  So, we used fleur de lis and damask throughout.

Category titles on the sidebar:
Page Titles
Added damask decoration on each page showcasing the product details.

For this page, I used mostly photoshop brushes.  I was able to customize them to the size and design I was looking for. 

Go check out her products.  She does great work. They are also very reasonably priced. 

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