The Adventures of a Nursing Student

I got to work with Grecia (Or Grace) from The Adventures of a Nursing Student.  She was recently accepted into nursing school, so she decided to update her blog as a celebration so that she would be able to track her journey.

She wanted to use a caricature.  We found one close to what she was looking for, but then I colored it to match her features.  She was a little hesitant because the original picture was blonde and wearing blue.  This was my latest editing with a vector image.  I love the capabilities of these images.  Here's what we came up with:
Grecia then picked out a very cute kit that incorporated the pinks, greens, and oranges.   We were able to tie it all together with a cute little frame from the kit to create the header.  The swirls and flowers added a little pizazz to the overall look.

The kit also came with these simple "tags" that had the different color borders.  I then incorporated all of the colors in each and alternated each one down the sidebar.

I also incorporated the swirls and flowers in the divider:

She has some great things to say!  Go check her out!  Especially if you're in the medical field!  I know she'll have all kinds of things to talk about once school starts!

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