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I got the opportunity to work with Cari from This Little Family.  She won my giveaway through Simply Stacie for the Holiday Gift Giveaway.  When I went to her current site, I noticed that she had a custom design already, which was decent.  After talking with her and looking at what she picked out in the design questionnaire, I could see why she didn't like her current design.  Turns out, back in May, she won a blog design as well.  However, it wasn't quite a "custom" blog design because Cari said she really had no input.  And on top of that, it took her 6 months to complete it!  I was in disbelief! 

Cari wanted something easy on her readers' eyes (which definitely wasn't the case with her current design with bright fuchsia and black!).  She wanted something simple that was easy to navigate.  So I gave her a few background options and a header:
The hardest part of the whole design was the sidebar columns.  She went back and forth about what she wanted, but we ultimately came up with the split 2 column sidebar.  This took some extra careful editing to make it worked well.  But, seeing what she wants to use her site to do, this is PERFECT!  Now she has room to do everything she wanted to.  Her simplicity also helped to make simple, yet coordinating sidebar titles:
Her site has a lot of great things that she offers.  She's got great reviews and giveaways for families.  Her reviews are very logical and down to earth which makes it easy to read. 

She was a joy to work with, and I think you should go check out her new design, as well as all of her fun giveaways/reviews!  :)

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