Stacy Literski Photography

Stacy is a new photographer that is just getting to start her photography business.  She already had a great, easy to navigate, website for her clients.  Stacy decided that she wanted to venture out and also do a blog that highlights her photography sessions. 

Stacy decided to go with a simple, green and purple theme.  (This was after she chose something different first!)  She went with the Cutie kit by Designs by Krista.  I am sometimes hesitant with Krista's designs because there aren't as many elements in them as are with other designers I use.  So sometimes I end up having to join 2 kits together with Krista.  She's got great work, and several kits that coordinate, but it just means I have to find the right balance in the elements.  But, turns out, with what Stacy wanted, this kit was PERFECT! 

She wanted simple and professional.  In the kit came the decorated frame that is used at the top.  (It did take some editing though as it was a square, and we needed a rectangle!  :)  She already had the fonts picked out from her website logo, which made that decision really easy.

I decided to go with the frame idea for the sidebars as well.  We just used the plain frames, since it kept the idea of simplicity. 

She didn't want too much embellishment either, but I thought it would be fun to add the flowers somewhere else.  I used them in the divider which helps tie the header and rest of the page all together.

Stacy has an amazing portfolio.  Her website has a lot to offer, and she will definitely make a great photographer!  If she lived in my area (which I don't know where she is really), I'd use her!  She's got a classic style that could suit any of your needs!  Go check it out!

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  1. Just read this great post! Thank you so much!!! The blog is simply FANTASTIC!! I get lots of compliments and it's only been up for a short time! I really am loving the blogging. Still very new to the blog but so far so good! For the record, I am located in Central WI! If your in the area, contact me and I will set you up with some photos!!!

    Again, thanks so much for building a wonderful blog! (And for putting up with my change of mind-so glad I did)