The Bargain Hunting Mommy

My friend Cara (from Hot Springs Hitts & Mrs.) had a need for another blog that she does, The Bargain Hunting Mommy.  She is a wife and mother and tries to live as simply and efficiently as possible.  She blogs about different deals you can get at various places as well as tips to save money. 

Cara is so easy to work with because she lets me use my creative juices to create a design that I like!  I knew right away that we should use a caricature of a lady shopping.  I sent several examples to her, and she loved the look of the first one I sent.  I knew right away that we should use the 4 colors (red, orange, yellow, and pink) as polka dots and stripes for the elements.  I was able to use a brush I already had for the polkadots and then I created the striped pattern to go around the caricature that I later used for the sidebars as well.  Cara is a very fun and energetic person, so I knew I had to match it!  I found a couple of fonts that suited the idea nicely.  (Pea Lacy Chunky and Tan Patty from Kevin & Amanda)

I incorporated the dots in the divider as well as the navigation bar to create a cohesive look with the whole thing.

I then took the bags from the caricature image and used them for her signature as well. 
All in all, Cara has a great website!  No matter where you live, she's got great deals and great advice!  Check her, and look at the adorable new look she's got going on!

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