Emmy's Closet

Sara contacted me from Emmy's Closet to update her blog.  She originally started the blog to showcase her adorable bows that she makes.  The blog ended up turning into something much more than just bows.  She blogs about all kinds of things like her family, reviews of products, blog hops, and much more. 

Sara had a friend that had designed her logo already for her bows that she used on her Etsy shop and her previous blog.  I just loved the little girl that she used!  I thought it was just precious.  But she wanted more.  So, she chose to use the kit "Over the Rainbow" by Kristin Cronin-Barrow. (ironically minus the rainbows!)

The logo was originally white, but I just didn't think a white background would be appropriate!  So I got to experiment quite a bit with the select by color feature on GIMP and perfect it to work with a transparent background instead.  The logo also also had a handwritten font that she already used.  But Sara LOVES fonts, so she said it would be alright if we changed it up a bit!  I decided to go with Kwekel and Pea Squeaker from Kevin & Amanda.  I thought they were still cute, but not too flashy for the logo. 

I was able to use the polka dot background in the great frame that was in the kit to highlight the little girl logo.    She wanted to keep it simple, so we added a few elements from the kit to add to it.
For the sidebars, I used the same frame idea with the different colors as well as the 2 fonts.

I added the little flowers from the header for the divider to make a more cohesive look with the flowers on the sides.
I was also able to use the little girl logo for her signature as well.
One of my favorite pieces of the blog is the connect buttons.  I thought they turned out so cute!  She wanted to have a way for people to subscribe (RSS and Email), go to her Facebook, Twitter, as well has her Etsy shop

I think the whole thing turned out very cute!  Sara said it was absolutely perfect!  Go check her out!  She has some adorable stuff on her site!

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