New Services

As I have ventured more into the world of digital design, I have started dipping into other services besides blog design.

Business Cards - $15 for the design:  I can design your business card using images to coordinate with your blog design (in most cases the same images).  I can also order them and have them delivered to you via VistaPrint if you need me to.  (pricing depends on the number ordered) This will insure that you get the size and requirements you need from the printer.  I highly recommend VistaPrint even if you want to order them yourself.  I use their standard measurements and requirements for all of my designs unless noted otherwise by you.

Logo Design - $20 design fee + cost of images:  I can create a new logo for your business using stock images or images available to me from designers that allow commercial business.  Most stock images are an additional cost.  The price of the image can range anywhere from $5 - $35 depending on the image you want.  I will generally always find the cheapest image I can to get the design that you want.  I will also have you approve the image being used before it is purchased so that you are completely satisfied with your logo.

Facebook Profile Pictures for Fan Pages -$15:  Most fan pages now are adding the larger, longer profile picture with more information.  This would include your logo as well as any other information you want to share with your fans that is important (description of your business, twitter and facebook addresses, etc.)

*All other Facebook graphics are done by my partner Cameon from Getting Social. Please contact her for all of your Facebook tab needs.*

If you have any other requests for design services, please feel free to contact me and we can absolutely talk about your options.  I am pretty open to anything if I think I am capable.  I will do everything I can to keep my clients happy.

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