Cars, Trucks, & Teething Rings

I have been so bombarded with designs that I haven't been able to feature any of my designs!  After looking back at where I left off, there are so many cute designs I've done!  So, we'll just start where I left off.  I may of may not get to everyone, since it's been so long, but we'll see!  I'll do what time allows!

 I had the pleasure of working with Sarah from Cars, Trucks, and Teething Rings.  As you can tell from the button above, this blog is adorable!  She came to me with a blog that was dedicated to her boys.  The only problem, is she has a girl also!  So, she wanted to make it a little less "I love my boys".  Sarah hosts giveaways as well as blog hops that great for moms. 

I fell in love with the kit that she chose.  Of course, anytime someone picks Meghan Mullens, I know I'm in for a great kit!  (She's one of my favorite designers!)  We used "You Make Me..." as the kit.  She loved everything in it!  She wanted to make the "Cars & Trucks" boyish, and the "Teething Rings" girly.  She was open to any font but had so many cute ones that she suggested. 

I used A Truer Blue for the "Cars, Trucks" and Do I Like Stripes for the "and" and one of my favorites, {Oh}Photo Shoot for the "Teething Rings". 

For the sidebars, we used Pea Noodle Girlfriends and it was perfect for this.  I wanted to keep it simple since she had so many other colors going on.  I loved the dots for the navigation bar as well as the sidebars.
 Sarah also asked for custom connect buttons.  I used the same "buttons" from the navigation bar and removed the images from them to add the different connect icons. 

Overall, every time I look at this blog, I am reminded how cute it is!  I think Sarah had a great vision that I was happy to carry out.  The colors, the fonts, and sunny images, all of it together just makes me smile!

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  1. Beautiful designs. I hope this will be really entertaining in the web world.