Painted Fresh

Donna found me and needed a little facelift for her blog because she was going to be featured on another blog.  So, we didn't have much time to figure out what she needed.  She was also my first customer that wanted to call me to discuss our options.  She features great painting and craft projects on her blog.  She has great activities and projects for you to do and make things better when they've already had their turn.  :)

Due to funds, she only could start with the Cutesie Package with the added on button and connect buttons.  I know she wants to do more, so maybe we'll do a little more later on!

She was unable to find a kit that she really loved.  So I sent her to my portfolio to look at some things that she liked.  She sent me several examples, but I was a little torn because some of them were cute, some were sophisticated.  Which summarized the whole idea of what we were doing.  So, instead of using a kit, I came up with the background and graphics myself.  I got her exactly the colors she wanted with the look of playfulness and professionalism in one.

Her connect buttons are equally as cute with the stripe outline as well.

I think we accomplished just what she wanted!  It's a bright, fun blog that has so much to offer!

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