Design Terminology

I've had quite a few questions in the last few months about the terminology and no knowing what I was referring to when I communicated with them.  Hopefully this will help answer any questions you might have.

Here are some definitions for the blog design.  I will use this blog as a reference

 - Header: The image at the top of the page that has the title
 - Background: The designs/colors that are on the right and left sides (Mine is just plain white, but if you look at this one, you will see the damask sides that is the background)
 - Sidebars: The narrow text areas on either side of the main text area These are not links.  They are titles for the content that goes on the sides(I have 3 columns - 2 sidebars with the main text area posting in the middle - these include the "Quick Links, Cutesie Blogs, Followers", etc.  See a 2 column blog with only one sidebar here)
 - Divider:  This is the image that shows up under each post (This is the polka dot design at the bottom of each post)
 - Signature: This is the image of your name (usually with an element next to it - the flower plus my name)
 - Navigation Bar:  This is the menu at the top (Home, About, etc.)
 - 3-Column Layout:  This is when you would have 2 narrow areas of content along with the main text area(like on this site)
 - Grab button:  A button so others can get the code directly off of the page to put on their site - Can also be used for advertising on other sites
 - Connect Buttons:  The little buttons that link directly to your social media places.  Most commonly used are facebook, twitter, RSS Feed, and Email subscription. (See this post to learn more about specific connect buttons)

That is all of the major elements that you may use.  If you have any questions about any of these, or others you've seen before, feel free to email me!

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