Boutique Designs

Rebecca came to me through Cameon from Getting Social.  Rebecca was the first to participate in our joint deal for a Facebook makeover as well as a blog makeover. 

Rebecca asked for black, white, and hot pink.  She liked zebra print and all things sparkley.  She and I came up with 2 kits to use that I combined certain elements to join them together.  One of the kits came with this great beaded line that was I able to incorporate throughout the design.
Her business has all kinds of monogrammed custom gifts.  I am in love!  They are so adorable.  So she wanted to have a Shop Online area with the different categories of the different gifts she had.
 I had so much fun with this design.  I thought everything together created a very fun design. 

Go check out her stuff!  It's so adorable!

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