Through Pain & Smiles

Melissa from Through Pain & Smiles was another one of my winners from the Thankful promotion.  She was the big winner in that she won the free Cutesie package.  She actually used that credit and upgraded to the ULTRA Cutesie package for the whole shebang!

Melissa's blog is about her journey through life and the pain that she endures with a pain disorder that she is still trying to get diagnosed and treated correctly.  She also has to move on with her daily life and smile through it all as she copes with her pain.  She has a real contrast in the happy and the sad.

Which brings in the thought behind her design.  She chose a kit that had lots of dark, with some added light. In the elements, she wanted it to have the dark focus, with a pop of light.  The kit had several glitter elements that made it sparkle.  We were able to incorporate that gold color in the fonts as well. 

I loved the grey "buttons" that came with the kit.  I thought they added a pretty side to something gray.  I think they went well with the glitter circles as well.  Melissa first wanted to just do the standard connect buttons, and after putting those up, she realized she wanted the customized ones!!  And I love them! 

 I feel like I have found a friend in Melissa.  She is on my Gchat now, and occasionally she will send a message to me checking in on me.  We talked about all kinds of stuff throughout the design process, and she was so easy to work with. 

She also has great giveaways!  Go check out her design as well as her content!  You won't be disappointed!

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