My Dream Sample Box

Cindy from My Dream Sample Box contacted me about updating her blog to match her business site.  She already had an established site that she just wanted me to make elements to match and coordinate with it.  I didn't want to use the exact images she already had, but I was able to take that idea and run. 

The whole idea behind the website is that you can order a box that has samples from different sponsors that deal with a certain theme for the month.  Each month there is a new box.  She has some great sponsors and products to try, that it definitely sounds like fun. 

Since the whole thing deals with boxes, I decided to take these boxes and do something with them for each of the elements.  Here are a few from the navigation bar:

 And the sidebars:

And the divider:

Cindy has lots of business ventures she's doing!  Her ideas are great! 

Go check it out!

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