Waiting on That Positive

A while back, I ran a special for Thanksgiving, where I choose 3 lucky winners to receive discounts.  One of those winners was Lindsay at Waiting on that Positive.  She chose to do just the basic Cutesie package for now, and add the grab button.  This is a very affordable option that still gives you that custom look!

Lindsay chose a very pretty kit that I had been eyeing before.  I think adding all of the elements together made a very nice look.  the blog is about love and hope, so I loved the little elements we were able to add that dealth with that.  She wanted a slightly embellished header with lots of swirls. 
I love the look!  The posts and sidebars have the cute pink font so it just looks classic.  I think it turned out just great!

Lindsay's blog is about her journey through trying to start a family.  I can totally relate to this, as I am in the same position.  It's a tough journey to go through.  She has lots of great coping techniques and posts about being positive.  So no matter what you're going through, you can relate to what she says.  Prayers go out to her on this journey. 

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  1. Absolutely LOVE it! You always do such GREAT work Leah!