The Adventures of a Nursing Student

This design is from a little while ago, but it's so darn cute that I decided I needed to feature it!

Grecia from The Adventures of a Nursing Student contacted me for an update on her blog.  She started this blog after getting accepted into nursing school.  She wanted a place that she could talk about her journey, as well as anything else going on in her life.  She wanted something fun, and also wanted to incorporate the nurse aspect. 

She decided to go ahead and add on the caricature.  I searched and searched for a nurse that was somewhat of what she wanted.  Grecia was hesitant with the selections since most of them were blond and didn't go with the color scheme she wanted.  Finally, she made a choice, and thought it would do.  Little did she know what the final product would look like!  She loved the recolored, brunette haired nurse! 

Grecia decided on the kit Sisterly Love by my 2 favorite designers, Meghan Mullens and Kristin Cronin-Barrow.  We had to recolor a few of the papers to get her exactly what she was looking for.  She asked for mostly pinks and greens, with a tad bit of orange.  The kit had a lot of blue in it, but we were able to just use it as a small accent color in the header. 

The header used the caricature image, and then the kit came with a perfect round frame.  I added the flowers to the side to give it some flair as well as the swirls to give it a little added touch.

Grecia loved the flowers.  So I tried to add a few to each sidebar and the divider.  The kit came with these cute little journal frames in the 3 colors that I was able to incorporate. 

I was able to incorporate the various swirls from the kit as well to create the little whimsical feeling throughout.

One last element that brought the whole thing together was the signature.  Grecia had the idea of having a nurse's clog next to her name.  I recolored this as well and then added a sweet little flower to it.
The fonts we used for this particular design are from Amanda at Kevin & Amanda.

Go take a look at her blog!  It's just adorable!

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