Sew Silly Boutique

I was so excited to get to work with Haley from Sew Silly Boutique when she sent me her questionnaire.  She was starting a custom clothing boutique website, and had some great ideas!  One of which was the designs that she found on etsy by JW Illustrations.  I was so excited to see these illustrations!  In fact, JW Illustrations is now on my design list for everyone to choose from!  So, thank you Haley for introducing me to her work!  I love it!

Anyway, Haley has some ADORABLE clothing and such on her site!  I can't wait until I get to start buying things like hers for others and for my future children!  She does great work!  And it's reasonably priced (for boutique clothing). 

Haley told me that she loved the graphics (I do too) and she loved stripes and polkadots as well.  She didn't want to make it too girly because she also does boy's clothing.  So I wanted to make sure it was cute with the polka dots and stripes, but not make  it so pink that is was gender specific.  The graphics were very cute and bright and mostly in blue and green which helped.

I decided to incorporate the polka dots into her categories of her side bar. 
I also added the custom buttons for Facebook and her Etsy shop with the matching elements on the sidebar.

I just loved the pin cushion!  It is so cute! I used the thread again with her signature.  Haley selected the 3 fonts from Kevin & Amanda's fonts, and they are so cute as well!  (Digs My Hart, Love Letters, and (oh)Photo Shoot) 
Haley also asked for a matching business card.  I was a little skeptical because sometimes designers really have issues with their designs being used in logos.  But, Jessica from JW Illustrations, was very gracious to allow us to use them for the business card as long as we gave credit to her on the website.  (Which of course is what I do for all of my designs!) 

I love the whole thing!  And then when I saw her stuff, I was in love with everything about it!  You really should go check it out!  You won't be disappointed!  (by the design, or the products!)


  1. Thanks so much Leah! You were a pleasure to work with and did an awesome job.