Hot Springs Hitts & Mrs.

Cara is a friend of mine from high school that lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  She has been quite the blogger lately.  She was probably one of the first friends that I started doing designs for.  She graciously let me play and design her personal blog a couple of times for fun.  She has started 2 additional blogs since then, and came to me for help.  This particular blog is about anything you need to know if you are planning a trip to Hot Springs.  Which, if you've never done so, you should.  It's beautiful, and there are a lot of unique things to do.  I got married there 4 years ago, and it was beautiful, and now my parents live there.  It's nothing like you'll ever see anywhere else. Anyway, her blog is to feature some of the places and things to do.  The name I think is so clever!  Her maiden name is Hitt, and now she's married, so you get the "Hot Springs Hitts & Mrs."  with reviews of all kinds of places!

She has the great blogging ideas, but no idea how to design one.   She pretty much knew exactly what she wanted.  She went out into downtown Hot Springs and took pictures of all of the great historic features of the city.  She later sent them all to me and I got to look at them and figure out what would work best for the actual design.  I had seen something similar with basic pictures of different activities from another website, and decided that I could implement these pictures in the sidebars.  She had 7 different categories she wanted to feature. I did my best to try to find a picture that coordinated to the category.  Each of the categories has a cute play on words using "hitt" or "mrs." 

I also used a classic picture of the Hot Springs for the post divider.
Overall, I think the blog turned out very classic.  It's easy to navigate, easy to read, and has a wealth of information for someone who wants to travel to Hot Springs.  It also gave me the opportunity to enhance my portfolio of professional looking blogs that don't necessarily have to be so "cutesie".  Go check it out!

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