MOMS Market

A while back, I mentioned that I was partnering up with Cameon from Getting Social.  If you haven't taken advantage of this great special, you need to!  NOW!  Because at the end of January, Facebook is not allowing any new tabs to be put on fan pages.  If you already have the tabs, they can be edited, but they can't be added.  So, take advantage.  Anyway, Cameon sent Jennifer from MOMS Market to me.  Jennifer puts together a market of business by moms in Alabama and has a little "convention" for them.  Cameon works pretty closely with Jennifer, and she had already designed her tabs for Facebook. 

Jennifer wanted to start a blog that coordinated with her Facebook tabs.  This makes it very easy because I don't have to choose a kit to use, or what color scheme or what kind of idea!  I was able to take what Cameon had done and run with it on a larger scale. 

She had a pink and black theme going on with swirls and prettiness (is that a real word?)  I incorporated this into her background with a pink and black damask pattern. 

Jennifer also already had a logo to use, which had little shopping bags in it.  I was able to use this idea and use the shopping bags in the kit she used.  I used them in the sidebar titles as well as the divider.

The site is used mainly for the event itself, with a place for the information and forms vendors and volunteers need to fill out.  The site is still very new as well, so I know there will be lots more to add!

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