Don't worry!  This is not inappropriate!!!  :)

Apparently, Cutesie Blogs is international.  I did another blog for a sweet lady in Dubai, as well as another in Singapore and now this one from Japan.  Tracy contacted me from my new Facebook page.  She sells Japanese fashion push up bras.  She just needed a place where she could have her own order site. 

Tracy was not interested in doing a whole package, so we just did 3 basic pieces.  Background that coordinated with the header (she created the header herself), sidebars with an order form, and a navigation bar. 

I came up with the idea of the lace over the pink to go with the look of the bras she was showcasing in the header.  I used a lace overlay for the background.  I then used it for the sidebar titles as well.

I decided to keep the navigation bar simple and bringing in the hearts that were also used in the header.

The biggest surprise was the installation!  I logged on to her Blogger to get everything installed, and the whole site was in Japanese.  I had NO idea how to get it to English, so, I just had to go back and forth with my English site and figure out the color the button was, or what number link it was.  It was quite the experience! 

Tracy hasn't added any of her products yet, but I'm sure she will soon. 

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